Ministry of Choir and Worship

One of the main tasks of the church is to worship and praise the Lord through songs and instrument means. As the Lord said, the true worshipers are those who worship God in Spirit and in truth. The choir team consists of faithful spiritual singers and musicians who have God’s spiritual graces and gifts in leading the congregation into the presence of the Lord through their powerful worship services, singing praises and hymens, vocal talents or melodious voices and instruments. Each of the first half of our Sunday services is dedicated to prompt singing praises, glorifying and/or worshiping the Lord, and lifting up the spirits and enlighten the minds of our congregation into the presence of the Lord through the ministry and music of the choir. The ministry of choir is not limited only in praising the Lord inside the church but also it is an important tool of opportunity for evangelism all over the world through our Ebenezer website, Cassettes, DVDs, CDs, and other distributing means.