Board of Elders

The board of elders is the leadership body of the Ebenezer Eritrean church. The primary duty of the board of elders is to oversee all functions of the church. The body is responsible for making important decisions and taking the lead in governing, guiding and coordinating all the services of the church. The board of elders consists of the Pastor and four elders who are able to teach the word of God. The Pastor is the spiritual leader of the church who has dedicated his life to the ministry of the word and to shepherd God’s people. The Pastor is fully focused on the spiritual matters of the church and does not make a living elsewhere. One of the elders is the secretary of the board of elders his main function is to prepare agendas, to call meetings, to organize and to lead the meetings of the board of elders. According to the church’s bylaw, any elder stays on the leadership for two years. One term consists of two years. The elder can also serve another term. However, the elder can not serve for three consecutive terms.