Ministry of Treasury

The ministry of treasury manages all the financial activities of the church. It is responsible for all the incomes that come from the congregation’s tithes and offerings. The ministry consists of appointed brethren who have full of the Holy Spirit, wisdom and the love of God. These brethren, including the head of the treasury, have also the knowledge, skills and proficiency in financial and bookkeeping means. The treasurer of the ministry supervises all the processes of collecting, counting, depositing and balancing the income. Every week, under the supervision of the treasurer, ushers of the church collects the tithes and offerings, one person counts the tithes and offerings, and another person checks the balance. The ministry is independently responsible and accountable for all the regular expenses, payrolls, and assets or property of the church. For any expenses that are not regular, the ministry seeks approval and permission from the board of elders.