Pastor Goitom Gebreyonas
Meet our Pastor

It was in 1981, like always the beautiful mild wind of the city of Asmara was blowing across the city. This beautiful mild wind was carrying an echo of a melodious song from the church called Gabriel church to the surrounding area.

It was at this day and time, a then fourteen years old student of  junior high, Goitom Gebreyonas, was walking with his friends around their neighborhood searching for a field to play soccer. They went from place to place and walked corner to corner, but they couldn’t find one. While they were searching in the hope of finding a good soccer play ground, they suddenly destined in the nearby of Gabriel church where the melodious song heard. The song was not a regular song that their ears could ignore and resist to listen to it. Instead, the song was pierced into their hearts and circulated across their nerves and entire body like blood cells. Most of all, the song led the current Pastor of Ebenezer Eritrean church of Washington, DC, Goitom Gebreyonas to Christ. Led by the song, Pastor Goitom walked into the church and joined the group who had been singing the song. Starting from that day, his legs planted, like beautiful tree, into Christ’s church. He never looked back. Day by day, he grew up learning the word of God and singing songs. He then started to serve the Lord by preaching the word of God and singing songs.

In 1985, he completed his high school from Ibrahim Sultan secondary school, which, at the time, was called Zeray Derest secondary school. Then, in 1987, he moved to Mulu’e Wongel (Full Gospel) church, and he continued serving the Lord by preaching and singing songs while working a full time job. He devotedly served the Lord in all of his services and led the choir group of the church. In the same year, 1987, he released his first album, consisting of the very popular songs such as “AfKiruna Eyu” (He loved us) and “Negziabher Abo Bkrstos Yesus” (To the God Father in Christ Jesus), which touched many believers’ hearts. In 1994, he released his second album that includes beautiful songs such as the so called “Nzelalem Eyu MHretka” (Your Mercy is Forever). Pastor Goitom dedicatedly served the Lord without limiting himself around Asmara. He regularly went to many places of Eritrea including but not limited to Senafe, Dekemhare, Massawa, Keren, Barentu and Mendefera.

Pastor Goitom continuously grew up in spirit, and his grace was being recognized by many churches and believers. In 1995, the Lord opened gates for him to serve across the globe. He went outside the country such as to the USA, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He helped greatly those who had believed through grace. Especially after 1995/96, when he went outside the country and served the Lord, Pastor Goitom understood that God was inspiring his heart to give his entire time to the Lord. Although he didn’t explicitly know when and where the Lord wanted him to serve as a full time Pastor, the Pastor says he clearly sensed that the Lord was using him in a unique way.

In 1997, he married to our sister Sara, and together, they have devotedly been serving the Lord. The couple has three children, a boy called Yoyada and two girls respectively called Elim and Sinai.

In 2003, Pastor Goitom moved to America to serve the Lord. Until 2007, he served the Lord at Bethel Eritrean church of Atlanta as a full time Pastor. In 2005, together with other brethren, felt a burden and the Lord inspired him to start an organization, the now called, “Nehemiah international ministry”. He contributed his part as a chairman of the organization. The organization dedicates itself in advocating and assisting the families of those brethren in the Eritrean jails due to their faith in Christ, and to spiritually and financially support those who are still serving the Lord inside the country so that the good news of the Lord would not stop continuing to spread across the country.

In 2006, Pastor Goitom released another beautiful album called “Kndey Tifto” (How lovely you are). From 2009 until the present time, the Pastor is serving the Lord as a full time Pastor at the Ebenezer Eritrean church of the Washington, DC. He is also writing a book that will assist and support singers on their service to the Lord through songs. The book addresses questions including but not limited to on how to craft songs, things that make a song attractable, and types or kinds of songs.

We are grateful that God has been and still is blessing Pastor Goitom and his family.